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I am passionate aboPicture of meut educational liberties and freedoms. I want to expose more people to free and open educational resources. Because of this, I have become the coordinator of the first ever OpenEd Jam (www.openedjam.org).

Currently, I’m serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA with FIRST robotics and have been actively involved in the open education movement at a grassroots level. During the summer of 2013, I facilitated the learning of Scratch programming, Lego robotics, and other “maker” projects at a pilot summer makerspace program in San Antonio. Before that, I conducted field research in Uruguay in order to observe, document, and evaluate implementation of the One Laptop per Child program.

My work with OpenEd Jam and FIRST is a continuation of supporting underserved communities in constructivist learning environments. Eventually, I plan to pursue my PhD by addressing the creation and use of freely licensed educational materials for constructivist learning environments, or something like that :D

Outside of all of this, I’m a serial hobbyist. I’ve stuck with playing violin, knitting, and reading…so far. I’m increasingly interested in puzzles these days.

Up top, you can click on Portfolio to see and read some things that I’ve done that are (passionately) career related.

You’ll also find Reading List, which is a bit of what I’ve been reading. I need to start putting dates next to the readings.

Check out my Web Log for my lastest posts. These posts are mostly reflections and reviews on conferences, books or whatever else is on my mind.

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